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Antenna feeder cable system of base station

    The feeder system of base station is divided into antenna, feeder system and feeder system support, fixing and protection device. The performance of the antenna itself directly affects the performance of the whole feeder system and plays a decisive role. The feeder system matches well during installation, which directly affects the performance of the antenna.
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    Feeder Cable, Coaxial Cable
    A wire that transmits signals between a transmitting device and an antenna. Uniform characteristic impedance and high return loss are the most important transmission characteristics of feeder cable. According to the characteristics, cables are divided into standard feeder cable, low loss type feeder cable, and super flexible feeder cable. 

    Roof Jumper: between the NodeB and the main feeder cable, generally use 2m 1/2" super flexible jumper
    Antenna Jumper: between antenna and the main feeder cable, generally use 3m 1/2" super flexible jumper

    Combiner is a radio frequency device that takes two or more different frequency bands to the signal; the insertion loss of the circuit is generally less than 0.6dB, and the insertion loss refers to the attenuation brought on the transmission line by connecting to a device. 

    Hybrid Coupler
    Coupler is the same frequency band of the splitter, mainly used for the base station different carrier frequency of the joint road. The isolation between its input port and the output port is greater than 20dB.

    Tower Release (TMA)
    Tower Top Amplifier is a low noise amplifier, installed under the antenna, to compensate for the loss of the uplink signal in the feeder, thus reducing the noise figure of the system, improve the sensitivity of the base station, expand the uplink coverage radius. Mainly used to solve the mobile communication base station where uplink coverage is limited. TMA makes up the feeder loss, reduces the base station synthetic noise figure, and improves the uplink coverage. It is recommended that the feeder length exceeds 50m, using the TMA, can compensate the feeder loss of about 3dB. TMA is part of top of the tower equipment, the choice of tower to reduce the reliability of the system, maintenance difficulties increased. Increase the insertion loss of the feeder downlink channel, so that the downlink can be used to reduce the effective power, affecting the downlink coverage.

    Lightning Arrester, Surge Arrester
    The working principle is similar to that of a band-pass filter. In the operating frequency band, it is equivalent to an infinite impedance in the main coaxial cable, while in the lightning most destructive 100kHz or lower frequency band, showing frequency selectivity, with a strong attenuation, so that its destructive energy steering grounding device without causing damage to the equipment.

    Connector, Feeder Clamp, Grounding Kit
    N Type Connector is a kind of medium and high power connector with threaded connection structure, which has the characteristics of strong vibration resistance, high reliability, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and is widely used in radio equipment and instruments to connect RF coaxial cables in vibration and harsh environmental conditions.

    Feeder Clamp is generally used to fix feeder position, to ensure that the installation of feeder reliable and beautiful. Feeder clamp is generally divided into single run feeder clamp, double run clamp, triple run feeder clamp according to the holes. 
    Grounding Kit will be applied to the feeder grounding system, playing a safe and lightning protection role. 

    Used to receive and send wireless signals, common with single-polarized antennas, bipolar antennas and omnidirectional antennas. 

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