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Universal Coax Grounding Kits

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    Universal Coax Grounding Kits are specially designed to accomodate a broad range of coaxial cables, reducing inventory costs as well as eliminating errors due to incorrectly defined line sizes. Universal coax grounding kits can fit 3/8" cable, 1/2" cable, 7/8" cable, 1 1/4" cable, 1 5/8" cable, 2 1/4" cable, 3" and waveguide cables. 
    Volda provides various types of grounding kits such as universal type, clip on type, bolt on type, self-sealing type. Our grounding kits can fit with worldwide brands of coaxial cables like CommScope, Times Microwave, Amphenol, Huber+Suhner, Rosenberger, RFS, Acome, Leoni, Hansen, Bleden, Trilogy. 

    Category: Grounding kits
    Application: Cable grounding 
    Type: Universal 
    Material: Copper strap
    Ground Lead: 6 AWG 60" - 1500mm
    Included: Stainless steel hardware, weatherproof tapes
    Packaging: 1 unit per bag 
    Warranty: 3 years

    Download Data Sheet: Universal Coax Grounding Kits
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    Product Code
    UGK-150                      Universal Coax Grounding Kit 60" Lead, 1/4" & 3/8" Universal Lug
    UGK-150-2U               Universal Coax Grounding Kit 60" Lead, 3/8" Universal Lug

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