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Cable Entry Boot Kit

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    Aluminum Cable Entry Plates enable multiple coax runs to enter buildings and shelters. These plates support the coax at the entry point and prevent moisture from entering the building. Each plate features 4" openings to accept entry boots. Each entry boot must be fitted with a cushion insert to hold the coax in place. Our cable entry plates are offered with a broad selection of hole patterns and plate sizes to match your exact application. These entries can be used in both interior and exterior wall. Each cable entry plate includes pvc caps and wall mounting hardware.

    Cable Entry boots and Boot Cushions are purchased separately, Volda provides a broad selection of hole sizes and patterns for coaxial cables. Entry boots and boot cushions are made of EPDM rubber, unaffected by ozone, sunlight, aging, or temperature extremes. They are to be installed to the 4" entry panel and allow the various cables to enter building through them.

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    Product Information
    Application: Cable installation
    Material: EPDM rubber

    Included: 4" entry boot, boot cushion and two hose clamps
    Warranty: 3 years

    Packaging: 1 pc per box 

    Ordering Part #

    V-BAK-4X                 4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly, No Cushion
    V-BAK-4X123          4" 
    Cable Entry Boot Assembly 1/2" - 3 Holes
    V-BAK-4X124          4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly 1/2" - 4 Holes
    V-BAK-4X782          4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly 7/8" - 2 Holes
    V-BAK-4X783          4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly 7/8" - 3 Holes
    V-BAK-4X114          4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly 1 1/4" - 1 Hole
    V-BAK-4X158          4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly 1 5/8" - 1 Hole
    V-BAK-EW52           4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly EW52 - 1 Hole
    V-BAK-EW63           4" Cable Entry Boot Assembly EW63 - 1 Hole

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