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China Tower: Deepen resource sharing to meet the deployment of 5G rapid economy scale

    中国铁塔:深化资源共享 全力满足5G快速经济规模部署
    China Tower: Deepen resource sharing to meet the deployment of 5G rapid economy scale

    As the "national team" and "main force" of mobile communication infrastructure construction operation, China Tower has been deepening sharing for more than five years, and has made great efforts to support the rapid economic construction of mobile broadband networks in the industry, with remarkable results. Up to now, China's tower has completed a total of 1.979 million station construction projects, the total indoor distribution area of more than 1.9 billion square meters, covering the total mileage of high-speed rail more than 18,000 kilometers, the total mileage of the subway more than 3100 kilometers. The number of three telecommunications enterprises used more than doubled the number of sites used at the beginning of the establishment of china's tower. The sharing rate of new towers has been increased from 14% to nearly 80%, which is equivalent to 720,000 fewer construction towers, saving about 130 billion yuan in investment and 37,000 mu of land and other social resources, and promoting urban beautification and two-type social construction.

    Compared with 4G, the frequency is high and the equipment power consumption is large. To achieve the same network coverage quality, the number of base stations will be several times of 4G. The network planning, base station location, facilities construction, power security, etc. will put forward higher requirements. The scale of investment is very large, but also face the problem of dense site impact on the urban landscape.

    Indoor is the main application scene of 5G, indoor scene application proportion is getting higher and higher. According to statistics, 70% of the applications in 4G business occur in indoor scenes, the industry predicts that the future 5G more than 85% of the business will occur in the indoor scene, passive room division will be 5G indoor coverage of the mainstream program. At present, in 2G/3G/4G network, more than 90% of indoor coverage is using passive room separation technology, construction costs and post-operation maintenance costs are lower. For 5G room sharing, China Tower provides a perfect low-cost passive room sharing scheme, supporting three telecommunications enterprises 2G/3G/4G/5G full band sharing access, adapting to building and tunnel, new construction and transformation of the full scene needs, can maximize the savings of three telecommunications enterprises 5G room sub-construction costs. Take the subway scene as an example, the subway is the first scene of 5G indoor coverage, China Tower joint three telecommunications enterprises and industrial chain partners, in Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Jinan subway tunnel carried out 5G coverage test, the use of China Tower research and development of 5G new leakage cable and other innovative products, 3.5GHz high frequency band coverage distance of up to 600 meters, the first in the international community to achieve 5G high frequency band and the existing 4G equivalent coverage distance, to achieve 4G, 5G source of the same point installation, significantly reduce the 5G base station source investment and supporting investment. 

    In view of the difficult problems such as the power consumption of 5G equipments, China's tower adheres to the innovation-driven development, puts forward power supply supporting solutions such as electric cutting peak, and can realize the conversion of electricity-free some sites with high power introduction and long power generation cycle, effectively reducing the cost of transformation and shortening the construction cycle.
    China Tower also introduced a new type of base station switching power supply and battery joint ertoum products, to enhance the 5G power supply construction flexibility and expansion, can achieve on-demand expansion.

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