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Volda Recruitment: Marketing Mangager

    Company - VOLDA

    Seniority Level                        
    Employment Type
    Mid-Senior level                      Full-time

    Industry                                                                                          Job Functions
    Telecommunicaitons Manufacturing                                 Public Relations Marketing

    Position Description:
    The Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing the regional marketing strategies to drive business growth. With a great balance in business acumen and marketing expertise, the manager will be the owner of the local integrated marketing initiative design together with local-based marketing managers and sales team to penetrate the local seller community and cross-border e-commerce ecosystem at large, enhancing regional awareness and in turn demand generation of selling. 

    Key Responsibilities:
    (1) Developing and implementing strategic marketing plans and sales plans and forecasts to achieve company growth.
    (2) Managing the marketing mix; including product marketing
    (3) Managing budgets
    (4) Making customer focused decisions
    (5) Researching and reporting on external opportunities
    (6) Understanding current and potential customers
    (7) Managing agencies
    (8) Measuring success
    (9) Ensuring timely delivery
    (10) Approving images
    (11) Developing guidelines
    (12) Making customer focused decisions and Managing the customer journey- Customer relationship management (CRM)
    (13) Managing and monitoring go-to-market-expansion
    (14) Develops and maintenance of product portfolio to ensure product competitiveness

    (15) Directs market channel development activities and coordinates sales distribution
    (16) Coordination among Management, R&D, manufacturing and Sales Teams.
    (17) Identification of customer and market trends, develops product concepts and requirements.
    (18) Directs staffing, training and performance evaluation to develop and control sales and marketing programs.
    (19) Establishes and maintains relationship with industry influencers and key strategic partners.

    Basic Qualifications:
    (1) Bachelor or above in Business, Marketing or related major
    (2) 10 years or above working experience, with at least 5 years in marketing or related
    (3) Great communications skill in dealing with people
    (4) Good verbal and writing skill in Chinese and English
    (5) Strong project initiation and execution
    (6) Team management experience
    (7) Flexible with business travels across China

    Preferred Qualifications:
    E-commerce or Internet industry experience is a plus
    Remote team management experience is a plus

    If you are interested in this postion, please send your resumes to

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