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Volda tells you how to install the connector 7/16 din female to 1 1/4 cable

    Connector 7/16 DIN Female for 1-1/4" RF Cable
    It consists of five parts: (a) body, (b) spring nut, (c) back nut, (d) saw guide and (e) flaring tool. If you open the individual package and find the silver plating is oxidated, please don't worry, it will not affect assembly and electrical performace. 
    din female connector

    Prepare your cable before installing
    Here are some preparation works we need to do before cutting the coaxial cable
    1. Unwind the coaixal cable certain length at a time from the round plane
    2. Cut a desired length of the cable. For a jumper, normal length is 3m or 3.5m
    3. Mark the separated cable with ID labels on both ends

    1. 用刀去除部分护套。注意必须保证去除护套后电缆的外导体至少有51mm
        Remove some parts of coax cable jacket with knife, at least 51mm (2")

    2. 贴着限位环将电缆锯断
        Cut cable flush with saw guide

    3. 将电缆插入后螺母
        Terminate the cable onto the back nut

    4. 用将弹簧圈套在电缆上
        Put the spring ring onto the cable

    5. 去除芯线孔口的毛刺
        Remove the burs around the center conductor

    6. 去除外导体内侧毛刺
        Remove the burs inside the outer conductor

    7. 清理电缆端面的铜屑和杂质
        Clearing the copper scraps and impurity

    8. 用专用夹具将电缆端面的外导体向外翻边
        Flaring the outer conductor with the flaring tool

    9. 压紧后泡沫塑料平而光滑无毛刺
        The foam should be smooth and flat after compressed

    10. 将后螺母推入外壳中
          Put the back nut into the body

    11. 去保持外壳上的扳手不动,转动后螺母处扳手直到后螺母与外壳间无缝隙
          Putting the body into the wrench and keeping the wrench don't turn, turning another wrench on the back nut, until there is no gap between the back nut and body

    12. 接头装接完成
          Assembling the connector 7/16 din female for 1-1/4" cable is completed till now 

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