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How to use Cold Shrink Tubing?

    August 26, 2019 - VOLDA

    Cold Shrink Tubing has excellent weather resistance, ultraviolet aging resistance and higher embrittlement resistance than heat shrink tubing. It is simple safe installation, requires no tools or special training. Cold shrink tubing looks easy, but if it is the first time you are going to use one in base station, here are some facts you might find useful to know about. 

    Don't judge a cold shrink tubing by its size. A cold shrink tubing can shrink to less than 1/2 of its original diameter, or 1/4 of its original cross sectional area. If you are using cold shrink tubing for cable joint, just take it easy. The tubing size you choose does not need to be too tight to cover the cable joint. The cold shrink tubing will take care of a little loose space. For example, in base station, a 250-400 kcmil cold shrink tubing would be suitable for antenna feeder cable joint.
    cold shrink tubing

    Cold shrink tubing is designed for easy installation. If you find exhausting installing a cold shrink tubing, then there must be something wrong with your operation. Here are two common mistakes people may make when using cold shrink tubing: 
    1. Pull out plastic strand from both ends
    A cold shrink tube MUST be pulled by one side ONLY. Cut loose the other end and pull two strand will not save you time, but will "strand" your strand within the cold shrink tubing. If this happens, you will have no choice but to cut it open and install a new cold shrink tubing. Remember, operate from only one end!

    2. Don't pull strand from reversed end
    If you pull out the plastic strand directly, the shrink rubber tubing will hold the strand tightly, and will grow tighter as you pull longer. This is totally wrong for it is very strenuous, and the strand inside could compromise the waterproof mastic reserved inside. The right procedure is to thread the plastic strand on one side through the tubing to another side, then start pulling. This will make sure no strand is pressed by the rubber tubing, and make the installation of the cold shrink sleeving much easier.

    coax accessories
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    If you need a quote or any help for cold shrink tubing from Volda, please send an email or make a call. 
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