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Installation of Standard Grounding Kit for RG8 LMR400 Cable

    July 25, 2019 - VOLDA

    Volda manufactures a wide variety of types of Coax Grounding Kits: Clip-On Type Grounding Kit, Self-Sealing Type Grounding Kit, Snap-In Type Grounding Kit, Universal Grounding Kit, etc. Standard Grounding Kit is one of our telecommunications products, it's a tradional solution for 1/4" cable, rg8 cable, lmr400 cable. It facilitates a proper attachment to corrugated cables and braided cables, which can protect transmission lines from damaging effects of lightning current in excess of 50kA 10/350µs. The 6 gauge stranded copper wire provides practical and effective low inductance transfer of lightning induced current from your cables to your ground system. Weatherproof tapes are included in the kit. 
    standard grounding kit for rg8 lmr400

    The installation of this model grounding kit is different from clip-on type grounding kit, sef-sealing type grounding kit, snap-in type grounding kit, so how to install this standard grounding kit? It's not that difficult as you think, even if you are new at it. Please take out a few minutes to go through below points and you will get the hang of it. 

    (1) Please remove approx 2.5” of jacket from coaxial cable
    ground kit for rg8 cable

    (2) Install the grounding strap to the outer conductor of the cable. And then use cable ties to fix tightly. 
    grounding kit for lmr400 cable

    (3) Cut ties from head smoothly without leaving any burrs 
    universal ground kit

    (4) Use waterproof tape and insulation tape to wrap the cable and grounding kit tightly

    Volda is one of China Top Suppliers and Manufacturers, with 14 years of experience in telecom industry. We produce a full line of coax support accessories, including RF Cables, RF Connectors & Jumpers, Cable Hangers, Pulling Grips, Hoisting Grips, Grounding Bars, Grounding Kits, Cable Entry Plates & Boots, Crossover Plates, Antenna Pipe Support Clamps, etc. With years of manufacturing and experience in telecom industry, Volda has set up two plant areas to provide a full line of coax accessories and weatherproofing. Our products have been selected and used by both operators and distributors throughout the world, covering North America, Europe, Middle East, etc.
    ► Professional team work
    ► Experienced manufacturing & custom designing
    ► Self-owned tooling department
    ► Quality inspection from materails to product assembling 

    If you need a quote or any help about coax grounding kits from Volda, please send an email or make a call. 
    Website: www.voldatech.com
    Email: sales@voldatech.com
    Cell: +86 138 5128 3001
    QQ 1322022601



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