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Volda has achieved SSL certificate for official website www.voldatech.com

    Sep 05, 2018 - VOLDA

    Volda has achieved SSL certificate a few days ago, so it's secure for new customers to visit our official website https://www.voldatech.com/ to browse our products for telecom projects. 

    Beginning in July 2018 with the release of new update browser Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as "Not secure”. Chrome’s new interface will help users understand that all HTTP sites are not secure, and continue to move the web towards a secure HTTPS web by default. And will eliminate those websites that are without SSL certificate / HTTP by informing connection is not secure.

    Advantages of Volda 
    With years of manufacturing and experience in telecom industry, Volda has set up two plant areas to provide a full line of coax accessories and weatherproofing. Our products have been selected and used by both operators and distributors throughout the world, covering North America, Europe, Middle East, etc. Welcome to contact Volda today, let's help grow your business and win the market with our support. 
    ► Professional team work
    ► Experienced manufacturing & custom designing
    ► Self-owned tooling department
    ► Quality inspection from materails to product assembling

    Products that Volda manufactures for you: 
    RF Coaxial Cables (1/2" cable, 7/8" cable, 1 1/4" cables, 1 5/8" cables, lmr400 cable, 500 cable, etc.)
    RF Jumpers and Connectors (traditional ones and 4.3-10 connectors)
    Feeder Clamps (single hole, double hole, 3-hole type and all fiber cable clamps)
    Grounding Bars and Grounding Kits
    Weatherproof Enclosures (traditional ones and for 4.3-10 connectors)
    Crossover Plates and Pipe to Pipe Clamps
    All Custom Products

    Website: www.voldatech.com
    Email: sales@voldatech.com
    Phone: +86 138 5128 3001
    WhatsApp: +86 138 5128 3001



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