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How to Make 1/2 Superflex Jumper Cable?

    Aug 10, 2018 - VOLDA

    If you are totally fresh at making a jumper cable, NOT A BIG QUESTION! Volda team will teach you today how to do it right, just a few steps. 

    Prepare your cable  
    Here are some preparation works we need to do before cutting the coaxial cable
    1. Unwind the coaixal cable certain length at a time from the round plane
    2. Cut a desired length of the cable. For a jumper, normal length is 3m or 3.5m.  
    3. Mark the separated cable with ID labels on both ends

    To install connectors on the cutted cable 
    Please follow our instructions below
    1. Use a knife to peel approx. 40 mm of the cable sheath away from the port 

    2. Put the red sealing ring onto the top of outer conductor corrugation
    jumper cable, jumper
    3. Separate the connector. Apply a small amount of grease and insert the back nut on the cable.
    4. Use a plier to pull off the excess corrugated conductor 
    jumper cable, volda
    5. Use the knife to cut off excess foaming layer

    6. Use the plier to cut off excess inner copper tube to keep 10mm only
    coaxial cable, feeder cable
    Clear burrs and fillings and have the cut trimmed
    8. Assemble the front part of connector and use a spanner to tighten it
    feeder cable connectors, coaxial cable connectors 

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