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New Weatherproof Enclosures for 4.3-10 Connector Available

    Aug 06, 2018 - China Volda 

    Volda has developed new weatherproof enclosures for 4.3-10 male & female connector. Since connector manufacturers have together designed a new smaller 4.3-10 connector to replace traditional 7/16 din type connectors, mobile base stations will need the right weatherproof enclosures accordingly to fit with 4.3-10 connectors.

    At the beginning, our weatherproof enclosures developed last year can only fit with 1/2" superflex jumper, but earlier this year some customers asked for a weatherproof enclosure which has to fit with both 1/2" jumper and 1/2" superflex jumper. In order to meet our customers requirement and help them save stock costs, we have improved our own weatherproof enclosures for 4.3-10 connector. Welcome every customer email us and ask for a quote. 
    4.3-10 connector, weatherproof enclosures

    Advantages of Volda IP68 weatherproof enclosures:
    1) Quick installation, just take seconds
    2) Easy removable & reusable
    3) Don't need special training
    4) Excellent sealing performance

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