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Why is 4.3-10 connector better than 7/16?

    Building a mobile network with 4.3-10 connector
    The mobile network base station and connector manufacturers have together designed a new smaller 4.3-10 connector to replace 7/16 connectors. New device models with this new connector have now arrived to the network installation scene. The new connector has better PIM value and it is suitable for applications which have space, weight or power limitations.
    Volda has a complete selection of network components with the new 4.3-10 connector as well as connectors themselves. All products have excellent PIM values and they are waterproof IP67.

    Technical details of 4.3-10
    4.3-10 connector for corrugated and radiating cables
    Bandwith up to 12 GHz
    PIM -163 dBc @ 2x43 dBm (0,4...4 GHz)
    Waterproof IP67
    100 connection times
    Operates without fastening

    Antenna interface
    Filter applications
    Outdoor and indoor wireless communication solutions
    Applications with challenges with limited space, weight or power

    4.3-10 versus 7/16
    60% lighter
    Saves space 40%
    Better PIM
    Easy to install
    Three connection mechanisms compatible with same female connector
    IEC standad


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